Catla - Bengali Cut + Chicken - Curry Cut (Skinless)

Catla + Chicken
  • Description: 

    The chicken curry cut pack combines lean and tougher meat to create the perfect balance, that allows for versatile preparations. The skin is removed, reducing the fat content in the chicken, while giving clean cut pieces ready to be cooked. Perfect for Indian curries and gravies, as well as everyone's favourite Biryani, the curry cut is one of our most popular packs of chicken!

    • Catla has a clean taste with smooth textured meat. It is more fatty and flavorful. Catla contains essential amino acids that promote growth and help maintain muscle tissue mass. The protein found in Catla helps the body maintain a healthy metabolism which promotes weight loss.

    • Price:  ₹361

    • ₹380
Net weight: 1000g