Leather Jacket - Fillet + Chicken - Breast Chunks

Leather Jacket + Chicken
  • Description: 
    • One of the most popular cuts of chicken, the chicken breast is a lean cut of meat that's high in protein and low in fat; an ideal choice for those looking to lose weight. Having a zero level glycaemic load, the chicken breast is perfect for low carb diets. Baked, stir fried or steamed - all the preparations are equally simple and equally delicious with the breast cut.

      The Leatherjacket Fish has a superlative flavour. It has pearly white flesh without much of the 'fishy' flavour. They are rich in Iron nutrients which serve as a natural health booster. They also are a good source of Sodium, Magnesium and Phosphorus. It is one of the biggest sources of Vitamin B2.

    • Price:  ₹504

    • ₹630
Net weight: 1000g